What we provide

RDC Energy provides various services for all heating companies throughout the UK including plumbers, heating engineers, manufactures and merchants.

Our primary business is heat loss calculations and design. But also provide manufacture product awareness through our Heat Engineer app so installers can select their preferred models, very useful for ASHP sound assessments. Working with heating company’s we provide custom excel spreadsheets to help productivity such as heat loss estimating and proposals. Within the commercial sector (Non Domestic) we help business owners with their RHI application, therefore we work closely with renewable heating installers.

We are a very versatile business so feel free to contact us with requests. We like to keep evolving our services which will benefit the heating industry both domestic and commercial.


Professional Heat Loss Calculations & Design Services

Our detailed heat loss reports will produce the results need to size any heating system, whether renewable technology or conventional fossil fuel systems. Each room within a property is measured to calculate the heat loss for every room, therefore include the required emitter output, so radiators, fan convector or underfloor heating can be sized correctly.

MCS Heat Loss for £300

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MCS Heat Pump & Biomass Installers

Ease the process of your documentation


We provide services to help ease the process of compiling reports to maintain MIS 3005 / 3004 guidelines. We can carry out a site survey, perform a heat loss calculation and calculate running costs and performance ratings to produce a heat pump or biomass report. This enables you, as an MCS installer to have a quick turnaround, thus providing your customer with excellent documentation.

Our reports are unlike any other report service for MCS. 


How We Help MCS Heat Pump & Biomass Installers



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