The worlds first domestic renewable heat incentive is launched 9th April 2014.

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Department of energy and climate change confirm RHI tariff rates for Heat Pumps & Biomass

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Tariff prices used

Oil =65 pence per litre

Boiler Efficiency 90%

Electricity = 13 pence per kWh

Property has average insulation, therefore  55 W/m2

Domestic RHI tariff prices (source DECC Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive, published 12th July 2013)

Ground Source Heat Pump = 18.8 pence per kWh (Renewable heat) Now increased from 1st April 2015 = 19.10 p/kWh 

Air Source Heat Pump = 7.3 pence per kWh (Renewable heat) Now increased from 1st April 2015 = 7.42 p/kWh

Biomass = 12.2 pence per kWh Now decreased from 1st April 2015 = 8.93 p/kWh

For update regarding the domestic RHI tariff rates please see link below.

For calculating renewable heat eligible for heat pumps the following formulae has been used

Eligible heat demand = Total heat demand x (1 - 1/SPF)

SPF = Seasonal Performance Factor

Note: The Domestic RHI has a duration of 7 years.


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