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Ensuring the plumber / heating engineer has confidence in sizing the new heat source and emitters our results in the report calculated will provide not only the correct and professional approach but reliability in the service they offer to the end consumer.

Heat Loss reports for all heating:

  • Oil Boilers
  • Gas Boilers
  • LPG Boilers
Reports to UK MCS requirements are:
  • Air Source Heat Pumps
  • Ground Source Heat Pimps
  • Biomass
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We offer our heat loss report services to all heating professionals worldwide who require a room by room heat loss to size boilers or renewable technologies. We can provide our reports with your company brand on.  As each room heat loss is identified you can size radiators, fan convector and underfloor heating with confidence.

We will use your local weather data for your country and apply the designed external temperatures to the heat loss. A standard which we use is CIBSE domestic heating design guide and British Standards EN 12831.

Use our Heat Engineer app to complete your site survey then email it from your iPhone or iPad to us to review, calculate and produce a PDF report for you.

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Some of the details our UK MCS reports include
Microgeneration Installation Standard 3005 Requirements for a Domestic Property
Building Details using CIBSE Heat Loss and Energy Calculations
Each room characteristic are represented. Method applied using BS En 12831, the "Domestic Heating Design Guide", "Underfloor Heating Design Guide" and CIBSE guide A.
Building Materials - External Walls, Internal walls, Party walls & Floor type
A brief description for the building materials used.
Building Materials - Window type, Roof glazing type, Door type & Ceiling or Roof type
A brief description for the building materials used.
Heat and Energy Loss summary MIS 3005
A breakdown of power kW for different features within a room and the total power kW and Energy kWh.
U Values W/m2K and Room Temperature above and below.
Summarisation of the 'U' values used for the calculations.
Summary of Room Emitters and Performance
Emitter details, seasonal performance factor and star ratings.
Summary of Heat Pump running costs
With the selection of the required Heat Pump the hot water and heating running costs are presented.

Using the methodology MCS require

CIBSE and BS En 12831

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