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Heat Engineer has been designed to help heating engineers and surveyors gather information about a property for the installation of a heating system. The options available for heat loss reports are renewable technologies such as Air Source Heat Pumps, Ground Source Heat Pumps, Biomass or conventional fossil fuels.

Heat Engineer has two functions

1 - MCS 020 Planning Standards, sound assessment for Air Source Heat Pumps (in app purchase of £2.29 for a 2 page A4 report)

2 - Heat Loss survey, designed to meet CIBSE Domestic Heating Design Guide, MCS standards and heat emitter guide.

Important useful feature

Every entry made is automatically saved in the app’s history so you can revisit any time to amend either your sound assessment or heat loss survey. For MCS 020 Sound assessments this is particularly useful if you don’t know the sound power decibel rating whilst on site and haven’t yet decided which manufacturer to use. You can use the app on site to record data you have and revisit your history to update the project once you’re back in the office.

1     MCS 020 Planning Standards, sound assessment for Air Source Heat Pumps

To ensure a proposed Air Source Heat Pump installation is a ‘permitted development’ for sound conditions use this app if you’re an MCS installer for the handover pack. 

• Enter any manufacturer and model name
• Enter the A weighted sound power (dB) level for the chosen model (you can change this information in the history when you decide which model you want to install)
• Enter a description of assessment position
• Take and add a photo of the assessment position for your final PDF report
• A clear indication of assessment results
• Send a two page PDF report of the completed MCS 020 assessment to your office via email

2     Heat Loss Survey

Complete a site survey for a room by room heat loss calculation. The parameters within this app are detailed so calculations can be carried out following the domestic heating design guide and requirements to meet MCS standards. This tool is for collecting details of a property so you can send the survey to you Heat Engineer account online here

• Pre-populated drop down lists for room names and options to add custom names.
• Pre-populated drop down lists and options to add custom description and U values for all building materials, walls, floors, windows, doors, ceilings and roof.
• For ‘complex rooms’, rooms with lofted/vaulted ceilings and roof an option to select which image profile, so measurement and wall types can quickly be entered.
• Current Emitter selection, quickly select the radiator profile image from our list and enter the height and length. Heat Engineer Software will calculate the output based on the designed flow temperature in the final report.
• For the heat loss calculation the ‘internal room design temperatures’ and ‘air changes per hour ‘ will be based on the room name and age of the room. Energy kWh demand and running costs is calculated using degree day data.

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For Complex Rooms

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Click here to download ASHP Sound assessment example
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