New Heat Engineer cloud based Software

Towards the end of this summer 2015 we should be in a position to sell our Heat Loss calculations software (EN 12831), which will work extremely fast utilising the Heat Engineer app.


We are taking our business to the next level and would appreciate your feedback. Of course our current services will remain so you dont have to buy this new software, we just want to create more options  for you.

As well as releasing a Android version of heat Engineer, we are developing a very unique cloud based software which is aimed at both renewables and conventional fossil fuel projects.

After reading the new features listed below, you can email me with any comments. We will ensure you know about the new software release the moments its live.

Features include:

  • Login for up to two users (per subscription)
  • After using your Apple or Android device to complete the site survey the data is sent to your Heat Engineer account.
  • Once logged in you will be able to tweak and analyse the heat loss to suit your required design and then print out your heat loss report and MCS compliance certificate.
  • Flexibility. At any time you can request RDC Energy to take over the heat loss process (just click a button). So if you get called out to fix a leaking pipe or are inundated with other work we will help complete the report (using our professional indemnity insurance too). This extra cost would be based on how much data was already filled. Maximum price would be £150 to as low as £25 to complete.
  • Manufactures data will be stored so information will automaticity populate for the necessary calculations. This will include the new SCOP, SPER and SSHEE data for heat pumps which will be a requirement soon for the new ErP criteria to establish the product SPF.
  • We have a comprehensive list of standard radiators and cast irons rads so you can check current emitter outputs. This will show automatically if you have selected the emitter whilst onsite on the app.
  • Our Original service. If you want us to complete the heat loss from the start, you will be able to login to your account where we will save the completed heat loss report and data in your account. You can make notes if any changes are required for each report.
  • Additional feature which is the 'icing on the cake' will allow property owners both domestic and commercial to access the Heat Engineer and type their requests for a new project on a ‘Enter details’ client’s page. This client’s page will list potential leads and any company with a Heat Engineer account will be able to access this data. These leads can be requests for installing conventional fossil fuels boilers and renewables. All communications between clients and users such as yourselves will be confidential, so no other firm will know who contacted who.
  • Summary page will review all possible fuel types regardless of your preferred design (assuming fossil fuels are selected), this is to encourage renewables which should predominantly always look favourable. This table can be added to your report if you choose to.
  • 2 hours free training online will be initial provide to get you up and running. 

All this for an annual fee of £250 with the ability to pay monthly direct debit.

If you would be interested in purchasing this software then please email me back stating how many subscriptions you would like.


Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon,


Rich Cartwright BEng MCIPHE Director and Heating Engineer

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