Non Domestic RHI Applications

Non-Domestic RHI Application services

Our services will provide peace of mind ensuring your renewable heat incentive application is successful.

We gather all documents which are required to submit to Ofgem and help you complete the paper work which you as the business owner or authorised signatory are required to complete.

Documents which detail the requirements inorder to qualify for the non-Domestic RHI are here:

Ofgem Non domestic Renewable Heat Incentive Register – External User Guide 54 pages

Non-domestic RHI guidance volume 1: Eligibility and How to Apply 120 pages

Non-domestic RHI guidance volume 2: Ongoing Obligations and Payments 83 pages

Our service includes:

Liaising with the necessary parties installers, manufactures and Ofgem.

Gather all necessary documents and check if they are correct for submission, i.e. correct seasonal Performance Factor (SPF) design, schematic correct, necessary photos and other evidence indicating the heating systems operation.

If necessary regarding any exposed or buried pipework a ‘pipework heat loss’ calculation is required, this will determine if any energy kWh is to be subtracted from the heat meters. Ofgem provide this spreadsheet which we will complete for you.

Two site visits, one towards the commissioning date and the second date to sit down with the business owner or the authorised signatory to upload and go through the Ofgem application process.

Help with the Letter of Authorisation (LOA). It is a document that confirms the Authorised Signatory of a given organisation for its RHI account. The LOA is one of the mandatory documents that you must upload when completing an online RHI application form.

Ensure pipework drawings resemble the physically installation to avoid rejections from Ofgem and components are labelled correctly.

Gather the heat meter/s technical information.

Ensure Installers declaration form is correct and complete. This includes evidence of a heat loss has been carried out for the property to BS EN 12831 standards and the methodology used to calculate the Seasonal Performance Factor (SPF) ie. SCOPon, SCOPnet, boundary H2.



The service price would typically range from £300 to £700. If you only want the Heat Loss of the external pipe work completed then its only £80. 

Please contact us for a quotation.

Not included in our services is a IRMA (Typical for large and complex installations)

Where an installation can be classified as falling into one or more of the following scenarios, Ofgem have the right to require an independent report on metering arrangements (IRMA), which must be completed by an independent person.

The installation has a capacity of 1MWth or above

The installation is classed as having a multiple metering arrangement for RHI payment purposes

The installation uses steam as the heat transfer medium.

Please note that generally Ofgem will not require the following installations to submit an IRMA where:

  • they have a capacity of 45kWth or below, or
  • they are classed as having standard metering for RHI payment purposes.

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